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Vulnerabilities PHPMailer

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The authors of PHPMailer published vulnerabilities on their wiki.

Please read details if your LEPTON installation is affected.

If you have to update or want to update please install latest lib_phpmailer from LEPAdoR.


Last but not least we want to thank all LEPTON supporters for the last year and we we wish you all a successful year 2017.


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New Addon Cookie

[ 03/29/2018 ] Time runs out: new EU cookie law starts in May 2018.

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Update: LEPTON 3.0.2

[ 02/03/2018 ] New LEPTON 3.0.2, a bugfix and maintain release, is published today as...

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[ 10/27/2017 ] Please keep in mind, that you have to edit your groups access after...

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Update: LEPTON 3.0.1

[ 10/07/2017 ] After fixing some bugs we are happy to release LEPTON 3.0.1 as Stable...

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