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update your installation

The following update zips are not complete zips for regular installation but only for updates from one release to the next that contain only modified and changed files






An upgrade to LEPTON 3.0.0

requires LEPTON 2.4.1

Newsticker +++


[ 10/27/2017 ] Please keep in mind, that you have to edit your groups access after...

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Update: LEPTON 3.0.1

[ 10/07/2017 ] After fixing some bugs we are happy to release LEPTON 3.0.1 as Stable...

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[ 08/14/2017 ] After more than another 130 commits we are happy to release LEPTON 3.0.0 as...

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lib_phpmailer: security fix

[ 07/27/2017 ] There had been a security fix in current lib_phpmailer for LEPTON...

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