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about the CMS itself


Instead of listing lots of features - to list all features would really be a long list -  we ask you to download and install your own LEPTON installation.


Easiest way to use LEPTON and learn about features and usability is to download the mobile package. Please follow instructions on the downloadpage and you will quickly run your LEPTON installation.


The second way is to download your full stable package and install LEPTON on a webserver or webspace. Please take care that your webpsace or server meets following requirements.



  • Minimum of 30 MB webspace (extended installations need more)
  • PHP 5.3.7 or higher (PHP 7 from release 3.x)
  • MySQL 5.0 or higher
  • PHP Safe Mode = off
  • Activated PHP Session Support



If you want to check if LEPTON is running on your server or webspace there is no need to upload the whole package. Please download the server precheck file, load the unzipped file to your webspace via ftp, call it in your browser and you are done.  Server precheck file is very small in size, uploaded quickly and  may save you a lot of time.


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Update: LEPTON 3.0.2

[ 02/03/2018 ] New LEPTON 3.0.2, a bugfix and maintain release, is published today as...

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[ 10/27/2017 ] Please keep in mind, that you have to edit your groups access after...

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Update: LEPTON 3.0.1

[ 10/07/2017 ] After fixing some bugs we are happy to release LEPTON 3.0.1 as Stable...

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[ 08/14/2017 ] After more than another 130 commits we are happy to release LEPTON 3.0.0 as...

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