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LEPTON core license

LEPTON is Open Source.


We believe in the power of open source software. Therefore LEPTON core is released and will stay under the GNU General Public License and is totally free.


On the other hand we think that commercial addons will improve the core because good professional coders have to be interested in earning money. The more commercial addons are available  the more it is important to have a reliable and well documented core. And we think addon contributers are also interested in improving a free and up-to-date core.


Please notice, that addons may have a different license not comparable or referring to GNU GPL or similar licenses. We strongly ask you to respect all licenses. All license information are fixed in the info.php of addons to bring them to your knowledge.


If you are interested to help improving the free LEPTON core please contact us.


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Important: SECURITY Bugfix

[ 01/09/2019 ] Security Bugfix Release LEPTON 4.2.0. This is a Security Bugfix Release of...

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Update: LEPTON 4.1.0

[ 11/14/2018 ] Here comes next stable version of LEPTON tagged 4.1.0. This release is a...

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NEW: LEPTON 4series

[ 08/27/2018 ] After nearly one year of coding we are happy to release LEPTON 4.0.0 as...

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Security Bugfix

[ 08/13/2018 ] New LEPTON 3.0.4, a security bugfix release, is published today as stable...

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