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Searching for some help?

There are different help services available:

  • FAQ: offer a quick overview to often asked questions
  • Forum: all questions around the core, feature requests, confirmed bugs and addons
  • Documentation: all available informations about customizing, developing und usage of LEPTON
  • Core-docs: all you should know about classes, methods and functions of LEPTON CMS

Please pay serious attention to the terms and conditions especially on the forum. They should grant all users a regardfull contact.

If you are interested in contributing to the help services please contact us.


NEW Release LEPTON 4.4.0.


This is a maintaining release of LEPTON which also contains a complete...

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INFO: support for L*3 series stopped


With new release LEPTON 4.4.0 we will stop support (even bugfixes) for...

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NEW Release LEPTON 4.3.0.


NEW Release LEPTON 4.3.0. This is a maintaining release of LEPTON which...

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