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searching for some help?

There are different help services available:



    • Wiki: all you should know about development and handling of LEPTON CMS


    • Core-Forum: all questions around the core, feature requests and confirmed bugs


    • Addons-Forum: all questions about available addons, addons authors answering your questions


  • Documentation: all available informations incustomizing, developing und using LEPTON


Please pay serious attention to the terms and conditions especially on the forum. They should grant all users a regardfull and factually contact.


If you are interested in contributing to the help services please contact us.

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Update: LEPTON 3.0.2

[ 02/03/2018 ] New LEPTON 3.0.2, a bugfix and maintain release, is published today as...

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[ 10/27/2017 ] Please keep in mind, that you have to edit your groups access after...

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Update: LEPTON 3.0.1

[ 10/07/2017 ] After fixing some bugs we are happy to release LEPTON 3.0.1 as Stable...

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[ 08/14/2017 ] After more than another 130 commits we are happy to release LEPTON 3.0.0 as...

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