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Some notes about LEPTON

LEPTON CMS is a private project.

LEPTON is a stable bugfixed and futureproof cms for professional and personal use, which means that a cms has to be a reliable tool for professional websites and web-solutions.

LEPTON was forked in November 2010  to ensure the known flexibility, usability and - what is important - a futureproof development.

In the meantime LEPTON core was developed further on.

LEPTON is supposed to has its primary use for professional, long lasting solutions created for the web by freelancing designers, coders or agencies. This is the target audience LEPTON is built for. But this should not prevent web starters, privates or clubs to use LEPTON for their homepage or websolution. But the structure of this project is aimed to the main target groups.

If you are interested in improving or helping this project please contact us.

Latest News

NEW Release LEPTON 5.1.0

Wednesday 31. March 2021

NEW Release LEPTON 5.1.0. This is a maintaining release of LEPTON with some...

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NEW Release LEPTON 5.0.0

Wednesday 16. December 2020

NEW Release LEPTON 5.0.0. After nearly one year of work and more than 700...

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10 years of LEPTON CMS

Thursday 08. October 2020

In June 2010 three guys met online to discuss the fork of an existing CMS...

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