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contribute to LEPTON Project

There are several ways to help us or get part of the project.


We are in the need of helpers in any part of the project:


  • documentation
  • coding
  • marketing
  • support
  • etc


But before you volunteer you should ask yourself, if you are really interested in a (longer)lasting help. Also you should ask yourself if you have the right skills for the part you would like to help. For example it is not helpful to volunteer for coding if you have no skills in php.


But anyway, every helping hand is welcome who is interested in bringing LEPTON project one step further.

Contact us and give a short description about your person and your skills and the way or part you would like to help.


We will reply as soon as possible.


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Important: SECURITY Bugfix

[ 01/09/2019 ] Security Bugfix Release LEPTON 4.2.0. This is a Security Bugfix Release of...

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Update: LEPTON 4.1.0

[ 11/14/2018 ] Here comes next stable version of LEPTON tagged 4.1.0. This release is a...

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NEW: LEPTON 4series

[ 08/27/2018 ] After nearly one year of coding we are happy to release LEPTON 4.0.0 as...

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Security Bugfix

[ 08/13/2018 ] New LEPTON 3.0.4, a security bugfix release, is published today as stable...

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