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Update: LEPTON 3.0.3

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New LEPTON 3.0.3, a bugfix and maintain release, is published today as stable version.

This release will probably be the last of the 3series.

We hope to publish the 4.0.0 release in the second quarter of 2018.

Back to today, what is done in LEPTON 3.0.3?

Here is a (non-complete) list of changes, see changelog for details:

  • The new admintool cookie is introduced with this release to meet the the needs of the EU Cookie-Law.
  • updated some libs and modules:
    • updated tiny_mce
    • updated lib_lepton
    • updated lib_twig
    • updated lib_phpmailer
  • bugfix in droplets
  • bugfix in show_menu2
  • bugfix in wysiwyg_admin
  • bugfix in page_footers and page_headers
  • bugfix in some classes and functions
  • core code reworked... still going on



Version 3.0.3 stable is available on Downloadpage and also a mobile Version can be downloaded.


Upgrade to LEPTON 3.0.3 is possible .



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