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Yesterday the idea came up to create a QR-Code with a LEPTON logo.



This was soon done and really looks great, so why not place this code on a T-Shirt?


Now we are going to make these T-Shirts availabe if we got total orders for a minumum of 20 Shirts over all colours and sizes.




  orange navy  




Shirts are available in sizes  S | M | L | XL and colours orange and navy.

Print  is a 3-colour screen printing technique and ensures the best quality for these kinds of prints.


Price is EUR 19,90 plus 3,00 EUR shipping (to German customers, other countries may differ)  including german sales tax.


So if you want one (or more) LEPTON Shirts for yourself or your customers please use this form to order.

As soon as we got the overall minimum of 20 we will confirm your orders.



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