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NEW Release LEPTON 4.3.0.

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NEW Release LEPTON 4.3.0.

This is a maintaining release of LEPTON which also contains a new security item called two-factor-authentication(2fa or tfa).

Please read the docs to learn about functionality.

Furthermore the 4.3.0 got some bugfixes and updated addons.

What is done in LEPTON 4.3.0 beneath 2fa?

Here is a (non-complete) list of changes, see changelog for details:

  • Have a look at the documentation to get further details about modified core files..
  • updated a lot of libs and modules:
    • updated tinymce to current release
    • updated lib_lepton to current release (class.upload)
    • updated lib_r_filemanager to current release
    • updated lib_phpmailer to current release
    • updated lib_twig to current release
    • updated jquery core to current release
    • some bugfixes and adaptions in addons
  • introduce new lib_fomantic replacing lib_semantic for frontend and backend use
  • introduce new admintool reset_pin
  • enable custom languages in core, modules and templates
  • force database to use mode = 'STRICT_ALL_TABLES'
  • enable custom password, username length and subversion in lepton.ini.php
  • replace database core functions in core classes
  • some bugfixes and: core code reworked to get rid of some old stuff... still going on



Version 4.3.0 stable is available on Downloadpage and also a mobile Version can be downloaded.


Upgrade to LEPTON 4.3.0 is possible .



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