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NEW: LEPTON 4series

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After nearly one year of coding we are happy to release LEPTON 4.0.0 as Stable Version today.

This release is an extensive improvement for LEPTON and a great step forward in OOP. Mostly addon authors will benefit from core improvements.

But the improvement also had one disadvantage: addons, that are not delivered with the package, had to be adapted to LEPTON 4 series, but this is not a big deal at all. If you need some help please use the forum.

Some addons already have been updated or reworked (like mpform) and are available for LEPTON 4series on LEPAdoR.

LEPTON runs with latest php release 7.2.9 ( minimum php 7.0)

We moved repository from github to gitlab.

What is done in LEPTON 4.0.0?

Here is a (non-complete) list of changes, see changelog for details:

  • Reworked framework directory and made all classes to be autoloaded, added new classes and lots of methods and removed old classes and not needed functions. Documentation of reworked framework is available on LEPTON documentation pages.
  • Introduced LEPTON object $oLEPTON.
  • Introduced new admintool "Addon Info".
  • Introduced config directory.
  • Extended Cookie addon to fit latest needs.
  • Reworked rss file in news module and added atom file for feader.
  • Reworked function get_page_headers and get_page_footers.
  • Adapted all packaged modules to current framework.
  • updated a lot of libs and modules:
    • updated tiny_mce to current release
    • updated lib_lepton to current release
    • updated lib_twig to current release
    • updated lib_phpmailer to current release
    • updated lib_r_filemanager to current release
    • updated lib_jquery to current release
    • updated lib_semantic to current release
  • some bugfixes and: core code reworked... still going on



Version 4.0.0 stable is available on Downloadpage and also a mobile Version can be downloaded.


Upgrade from LEPTON 3.x to LEPTON 4.0.0 is possible .



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