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Important: SECURITY Bugfix

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Security Bugfix Release LEPTON 4.2.0.

This is a Security Bugfix Release of LEPTON which also contains some maintaining items.

Thanks to a helpful guy, who wants to stay unknowned, we are able to fix an important bug that enabled unauthorized access or privileges.

Affected are all version from LEPTON 2.3.0. We fixed this bug für LEPTON 3series (see donwloadpackage at the bottom) and LEPTON 4series.

We strongly ask you to update your LEPTON installation to fix this important bug.

Furthermore the 4 series got some bugfixes and updated addons.

What is done in LEPTON 4.2.0 beneath security bugfix?

Here is a (non-complete) list of changes, see changelog for details:

  • Have a look at the "documentation to get further details about modified core files..
  • updated a lot of libs and modules:
    • updated tinymce to current release
    • updated lib_lepton to current release (look for mysqldump)
    • updated lib_r_filemanager to current release
    • updated lib_phpmailer to current release
    • updated lib_semantic to current release
    • some bugfixes and adaptions in addons
  • replace database core functions in core classes
  • some bugfixes and: core code reworked to get rid of some old stuff... still going on



Version 4.2.0 stable is available on Downloadpage and also a mobile Version can be downloaded.


Upgrade from LEPTON 4.1.0 to LEPTON 4.2.0 is possible .



If you are running a LEPTON 3 series installation we strongly ask you to download and install the fix package that can be used to update all releases from 3 series to LEPTON 3.0.5.



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