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Frontend Login

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We are sorry but there is an important bug in LEPTON 2.2.0.

All those who are working with frontend login or frontend register should use this bugfix update to release 2.2.1.


All clients who are not using frontend login or register don't habe to update but they still can (if they want).

Next LEPTON release will include this bugfix version.


Please backup your files and database before starting update!


Usage: download this package, unzip the file to your desktop and load the content of "upload" directory to your webspace via ftp. Call your domain in your browser, add ' /install' (something like http://www.yourdomain.tld/install/) and press enter.

You should get a message that you succeeded.


That's it.


Download is available in the download-section.


Details about this bug can be seen on the forum:



In this context it might be useful to read  this thread and have a look to the  Documentation again.




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