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First Template published

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This is a very good start.

Even though LEPTON ins't released  stable yet the first LEPTON Template is published.

Template is free for use in any direction but please notice and keep in mind the license and license-terms.

Template can be downloaded now.


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NEW Release LEPTON 5.1.0

Wednesday 31. March 2021

NEW Release LEPTON 5.1.0. This is a maintaining release of LEPTON with some...

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NEW Release LEPTON 5.0.0

Wednesday 16. December 2020

NEW Release LEPTON 5.0.0. After nearly one year of work and more than 700...

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10 years of LEPTON CMS

Thursday 08. October 2020

In June 2010 three guys met online to discuss the fork of an existing CMS...

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