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10 years of LEPTON CMS

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In June 2010 three guys met online to discuss the fork of an existing CMS and create LEPTON.

Due to the bad experience with the developers of the existing CMS at that time, the decision was made quickly and the first preparations were made to start the LEPTON project in November 2010.

Already in June 2011 the first release canditate of LEPTON was published and in August 2011 the first stable version of LEPTON followed after more than 600 commits in SVN.

The focus in the first versions (1-series) was exclusively on improvements that should make the CMS more stable, more secure and more practical.

The following versions of the 2-series served more to remove handed down code issues from the core, to switch to a new template engine (Twig) for the core and the add-ons, and to introduce coding standards and core documentation.

The 3-series from LEPTON was a transition to the introduction of real OOP techniques and associated real classes. However, in order to be able to achieve real progress for the core, a number of functions and existing classes had to be modified in such a way that all existing modules had to be adapted.

After a long discussion, we decided to take this path because it was absolutely necessary for the future of LEPTON. This is how the 4-series from LEPTON came about, with the first version 4.0.0 being released in August 2018 after almost a year of coding.

We are now working on the 5-Series, which is scheduled to be released this year. In addition to the many necessary adaptations of the core, also to the developments of PHP and the extended security requirements in general, this series then is (almost) completely freed from legacy issues in the core and the modules supplied. For example, no more code based on the ancient template engine is included.

After 10 years development of LEPTON, it may be time to draw an interim conclusion:

Despite the many difficulties that always occur in the course of an open source project, we have never lost our courage and (more or less) consistently pursued the way to make LEPTON a CMS that provides a stable, flexible and future-proof instrument for developers, designers and customers - free of charge under an open source license.

LEPTON has meanwhile experienced more than 6000 commits from the original version up to the present day, and thus also improvements. And we're a little proud of that.

Today we no longer see LEPTON only as a CMS but also as a tool for creating PHP-based software.

A project created in this sense is OS-App , a software that is working completely on a local server or directly on the Internet.


We hope that we can continue to improve LEPTON for at least another 10 years so that it also meets future requirements in every case.

Anyone who wants to help us in any way is always welcome.


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