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Commercial addons for special purposes

Commercial addons will have a special license and and licence fees will be charged for usage.

We are on our way to present available commercial addons .

In the meantime we are looking for addons-authors who would like to create commercial addons.

If you have a special addon that should not be provided for free or you would like to develop one please get in touch with us.


NEW Release LEPTON 4.5.0


NEW Release LEPTON 4.5.0. Please note: you need PHP 7.2.x to run this...

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NEW Release LEPTON 4.4.0.


This is a maintaining release of LEPTON which also contains a complete...

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INFO: support for L*3 series stopped


With new release LEPTON 4.4.0 we will stop support (even bugfixes) for...

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