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lib_phpmailer: security fix

Aktuelles rund um LEPTON >> de

Es gab einen Security Fix für die aktuelle lib_phpmailer für LEPTON 2-series.

Bitte ladet das Paket herunter und installiert es..


Informationen von der phpmailer github Seite:


  • SECURITY Fix XSS vulnerability in one of the code examples, CVE-2017-11503. The code_generator.phps example did not filter user input prior to output. This file is distributed with a .phps extension, so it it not normally executable unless it is explicitly renamed, so it is safe by default. There was also an undisclosed potential XSS vulnerability in the default exception handler (unused by default). Patches for both issues kindly provided by Patrick Monnerat of the Fedora Project.
  • Handle bare codes (an RFC contravention) in SMTP server responses
  • Make message timestamps more dynamic - calculate the date separately for each message
  • Include timestamps in HTML-format debug output
  • Improve Turkish, Norwegian, Serbian, Brazilian Portuguese & simplified Chinese translations
  • Correction of Serbian ISO language code from sr to rs
  • Fix matching of multiple entries in Host to match IPv6 literals without breaking port selection (see #1094, caused by a3b4f6b)
  • Better capture and reporting of SMTP connection errors



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