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4.3.0 to 4.4.0

The LEPTON UPDATE Zip enables you to update your installation 4.3.0 to release 4.4.0.



Please backup your files and database before starting update!


Usage: download this package, unzip the file to your desktop and load the content of "upload" directory to your webspace via ftp. Call your domain in your browser, add ' /install' (something like http://www.yourdomain.tld/install/) and press enter.

You should get a message that you succeeded.


That's it.










NEW Release LEPTON 4.4.0.

22.08.2019This is a maintaining release of LEPTON which also contains a complete...

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INFO: support for L*3 series stopped

06.08.2019With new release LEPTON 4.4.0 we will stop support (even bugfixes) for...

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NEW Release LEPTON 4.3.0.

23.04.2019NEW Release LEPTON 4.3.0. This is a maintaining release of LEPTON which...

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Important: SECURITY Bugfix

09.01.2019Security Bugfix Release LEPTON 4.2.0. This is a Security Bugfix Release of...

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