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LEPTON WebsiteBaker

February 2012

Dear WebsiteBaker Friend

You might still wonder why you reach this page from a WebsiteBaker site.

Like many other users we still love the ease of use with WebsiteBaker. And as many other coders/designer we use WebsiteBaker as professionals.

But if you are joining the community for some time you will have noticed that there are lots of problems with this cms, referring to the code and - what is really important - also with the "leading" guys of the project.

We tried to help within the project but as some others we had to learn quickly that some things seem to be unchangable. And if you've followed the forums you know what we are talking about.

As we urgent need stable and developed releases for professional use we decided to do the neccessary and important modifications outside of the project and forked the code to LEPTON CMS for our own purposes.

In the meantime version 1.1.4  was released and the work for the 2 series of  LEPTON is mostly done.


Please see LEPTON homepage for project, details, changes and chances.